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A History of Commitment

It’s 1889. A trapper in BC’s remote wilderness is mauled by a grizzly bear. Loggers deliver his ravaged body to a mission hospital in Bella Bella where a doctor is able to save him.

It’s 1903. A young woman from Bella Coola begins her nurses training at Fort Simpson, eager for the day when she can serve the people in her home town.

It’s 1921. A miner arrives in Hazelton by snowshoe. His hand has been shattered in a dynamite blast. He receives lifesaving surgery.

It’s 1943. It’s 1978. It’s 2009.

For well over 100 years the United Church and its predecessors have been committed to the people of Canada’s wilderness regions. Stories of dedication, sacrifice and heroism are many. The men and women who, in the early days, endured physical and emotional hardships we can only imagine hand down to us the responsibility to bring quality health care to the people in and around our remote communities.

Today our dedicated health care professionals in all disciplines are able to enjoy life in spectacular natural environments as they continue the tradition of innovation and excellence in rural and remote health care.